Topic: “Family Philanthropy”

The Grandparent Legacy Project

Many founders assume that their predecessors will consider their insights ancient history. But the truth is, the stories they share can powerfully convey a legacy. Developed with our valued partners at 21/64, The Grandparent Legacy Project is an oral history tool designed to help grandparents share their stories, and legacies, across generations. This toolkit includes:... Read More

How a Foundation Can Prepare Its Next Generation

Preparing your next generation to participate in a foundation goes beyond understanding the financial responsibilities of foundation giving. Hear the following recommendations from a foundation trustee—based on his personal experience—about preparing the next generation for board service. Several years ago, my family divided our family foundation, The Jules and Doris Stein Foundation, into four equal... Read More

Engaging Young Adults in Philanthropy

“For those who have already begun to involve next generation family members,” says Sharna Goldseker, who works on multigenerational strategic philanthropy at the organization 21/64, “you probably have also experienced how the very act of involving the next generation changes the character of the foundation itself. The questions the next generation brings, language they use,... Read More