Upcoming Programs

Learning Lab:
Laying the Groundwork for Catalytic Philanthropy

The current crisis can offer the perfect moment to make a significant change. Lean funders who are catalytic have shifted their philanthropy from a transactional, year-to-year practice of reviewing proposals and writing checks, to a more transformational enterprise that engages people and stakeholders over years or decades. In this three-part Learning Lab, you will develop... Read More

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Learning Lab Module 2:
Streamline, Let Go, and Engage with Your Community

Engaging with grantees and community members, in person or virtually, is essential to learning and developing relationships—key drivers of catalytic philanthropy. The first step is streamlining and prioritizing your work in order to free up time to build these essential relationships. Learning Objectives  Take stock of how you currently spend time accomplishing your work. Name... Read More

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Learning Lab Module 3:
Understand the System

Investing time to learn about the ecosystem of your issue or community empowers you to identify gaps and leverage points for change. Hear how funders with few or no staff can begin scanning effectively, synthesize and reflect upon their learning, focus on actionable knowledge, and discern opportunities for outsized impact. Keeping your ear to the... Read More

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Next Gen Fellows Program

The Next Gen Fellows Program is a 6-month training fellowship for dynamic leaders roughly 18–35 years old who are involved in all types of foundations as current or soon-to-be trustees or staff. The program is designed for deep learning and peer networking to prepare the next generation for leadership roles. In this program, you will:... Read More