Programs & Services Committee

The programs & services committee works with Exponent Philanthropy’s programs & services department to provide input and advice on the development and delivery of Exponent Philanthropy’s programs and services and to offer feedback and guidance to Exponent Philanthropy’s board of directors.

Colleen O’Keefe

The Sauer Family Foundation
St. Paul, MN

Shirish Dayal

Tarsadia Foundation
Newport Beach, CA

Sapphira Goradia

The Goradia Foundation
Arlington, VA

Wendy Jaffe

Trio Foundation of St. Louis
St. Louis, MO

Celeste Land

Land Family Foundation
Vienna, VA

Laurie Latham

Ray & Kay Eckstein Charitable Trust
Paducah, KY

Sylia Obagi

Roy & Patricia Disney Family Foundation
Los Angeles, CA

Laura Olson

Patricia D. & William B. Smullin Foundation
Eureka, CA

Samuel Politziner

Arbor Brothers
New York, NY

Sasha Rabsey

HOW Fund
Orinda, CA

Courtney Rice

Robins Foundation
Richmond, CA

Alexander Velaj

The Velaj Foundation
Stamford, CT