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Payout Requirements: Year-End Tips for Meeting Your Minimum

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It’s December and your foundation wants to fulfill its payout requirement within the calendar year. What can you do?

Tips for meeting your payout requirement:

  • Ask your local community foundation, association of grantmakers, or giving circles for information about community needs and nonprofits they support.
  • Consult with members of the faith community.
  • Ask your government social services agencies, United Way, or other federated campaigns for recommendations of nongovernmental, nonprofit agencies with whom they work.
  • Ask at your workplace. Does your employer have a matching grants program or a corporate foundation?

For trustees with discretionary grant dollars, here are additional ideas for efficient spending at year’s end:

  • Fund a declined grant that you believe in
  • Look for an opportunity to respond to emergency needs in your community (e.g., short-term cash flow problems, greater needs during the winter months)
  • Give to a natural disaster relief fund
  • Give to an alumni association
  • Contribute to summer camp tuition for low- and moderate-income children (e.g., YMCA, YWCA, The Fresh Air Fund)
  • Make online donations (a particularly useful strategy for international giving)
  • Give to holiday food programs or food baskets
  • Open a certificate of deposit, or CD, at a community development bank

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