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What are program-related investments?

Program-related investments (PRIs) are loans or other investments made by a foundation to support its charitable purpose. PRIs count toward a foundation’s distribution requirement as long as they meet a few basic requirements. And the best part is that the funds are generally returned to the foundation to be used for other PRIs or grants. How... Read More

Do foundations change investment advisors often?

Your investment policy statement (IPS) should have clear procedures for monitoring, evaluating and changing your investment advisors. It’s a key part of fiduciary responsibility. Investment advisors include outside investment consultants, an outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO), and/or investment managers. Any contracts regarding investment services should clearly define the roles and responsibilities of all parties (i.e.,... Read More

What is discretionary grantmaking?

Discretionary grantmaking is the practice of allowing board members (and in some cases, committee members, family members, or staff) to direct a portion of grantmaking dollars to organizations of their choice. While the board is legally responsible for all discretionary grants, they’re generally approved without extensive review or discussion. Discretionary grants are truly made at... Read More