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How can our foundation prepare its next generation?

Preparing your next generation to participate in a foundation goes beyond understanding the financial responsibilities of foundation giving. Hear the following recommendations from a foundation trustee—based on his personal experience—about preparing the next generation for board service. Keep reading how a foundation can prepare its next generation>> Read More

How can I make the most of my board meetings?

At meetings, your board does the bulk of its work for your foundation, so it’s important to make every meeting count. Your board may be fulfilling its mission and managing its responsibilities, but if board meetings start and finish late, if trustees aren’t prepared, or if there never seems to be enough time to get... Read More

Why is general operating support valuable?

General operating support is valuable for a number of reasons, including: Allowing grantee organizations to focus on fulfilling their missions and building infrastructure rather than on tackling peripheral projects and additional fundraising Serving as a vote of confidence for nonprofit leaders, helping to decrease burnout Lessening the inherent power imbalance between grantor and grantee and... Read More