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What’s Role Have to Do With It?

Role for our purposes is not your position as president or committee chair; rather, it is how you choose to behave to match the needs of a situation. Everyone holds multiple roles, adopting them almost without thinking. For example, parents play an impressive list of roles in situations with their children: confidante, disciplinarian, advocate, chauffeur.... Read More

The Benefits of Mission Statements

A mission statement is a short, written declaration about why you are engaging in philanthropy or, if your giving structure is a foundation, why the foundation exists. Mission statements are powerful because they are heartfelt, simple, and easily communicated. A mission can help you: Make the best use of your resources by focusing grants and... Read More

Comparing Mission, Vision, and Values Statements

Exponent Philanthropy members often ask about mission, vision, and values statements: What are they? Does my foundation need them? How do we create them? Maridel Moulton, an organizational development consultant, presented the following information at an Exponent Philanthropy educational program. What is a mission statement? In one or two sentences, a mission statement clarifies what... Read More

Starting a Private Foundation

Private foundations play an important role in communities across the country—filling the shelves of food pantries, employing directors of youth centers, advocating for human rights, and much more. Opportunities abound for you to make a difference through private foundation giving. How do you determine if a private foundation is right for you? Know the field... Read More

Engaging Your Board

Don’t spend your days dreaming of more engaged members. Here are some ideas to get your trustees’ attention and breathe some life into your board: Communicate with your trustees–Ask them (either individually or as a group) what they want out of board service. Are they satisfied with the way things are? What would they like... Read More

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Back to the Future: Planning for Succession Before It’s Too Late

Leadership succession can be difficult and overwhelming, and can affect everyone from staff, board, and committee members to trustees, beneficiaries, and grantees. Being proactive and prepared is integral to effectively managing leadership transitions. Where possible, these changes must be choreographed to avoid undue risks to the organization’s mission and long-term goals. Taking the time to... Read More